The Kathy Rinaldi Hope Foundation



I bring this childrens 501 (c)3 NY State Incorporated non-profit to you in my attempt to ensure that all children live their best life.  

Once upon a time... someone reached out to a broken little boy, and in doing so helped that child to heal.

At age 12, I was assaulted by a next door neighbor and then again by a Jesuit Priest my freshman year at Regis College in Denver.  The first assault stole my childhood, and the second nearly claimed my life.  Life was not very much appreciated as a result and it took a near fatal car accident to bring me back to life.  The measure of a man, I have since learned, does not have to be equated by situations forced upon us, but rather on how we then react as a result.  

Being a survivor of abuse, I understand the profound impact abuse can have on one's life.  While so many children become "derailed" by such an experience, there are others who take it upon themselves to take bad situations as a learning experience, and grow.  I am that individual.  

As a young boy, I found my resolve playing some "Risky Business" and even fell in love on a "Blue Lagoon."  I created a world where I was safe, and made a real friend in my escape.  It first began with my penning a letter which then led to my having a new pen pal. Unexpectedly, my letters were answered accompanied by  warm notes of encouragement and signed photographs from the Calvin model Brooke Shields herself.  That magical girl on that "Blue Lagoon" became my new friend.  Soon after, phone calls ensued and Brooke's mother Teri  becoming a friend of the family offering her support sharing her concern.  I had shared my torment and gained compassion in the process- compassion that led to KathyRinaldiHope ®.  Brooke and her mother, Terri cared for my well being and helped to created a dialogue between myself and my parents- a dialogue that saved my life.   I then began to heal, and have been on a mission ever since.  

To have learned all that I have after experiencing all that I had, how can I not??

A celebrity can save the life of a child and I have Brooke Shields and her mother Teri to thank for mine.   

KathyRinaldiHope ® was conceived through the power of celebrity, the influence they have on our kids, and their profound ability to heal.  We talk about issues that promote a sense of understanding to promote safety and firmly believe that the more a child knows the better a child will do.  Given basic information providing essential knowledge, a child will undoubtedly be more secure and better equipped to handle situations that may appear to be troublesome.       

Knowing all that I know after experiencing all that I have, how can I not do all that I do? 

Warm Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         John M. Rinaldi        



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