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Can I just say, this is my little guy!  We have this bond you see, heck check out my boy's kicks!  I've been wearing my Sambas for what, 32 years??  'just couldn't wait- nor help myself!

By the way, he was upset about something...  and he was walking away from me.  What he's actually looking at is me- he's making sure I follow right behind in the corner of his eye.  

If you have the courage to see all that is good, it's really an amazing adventure this thing called life.  





b. 8 June 09 Anthony Daniel.                                                                         -His weight: 2lbs 1oz.

Anthony came into this world weighing only 2lbs 1oz- through whatever circumstance, he was born 3 months premature.  With proper care, and the love of a good mother- some two years later, Anthony couldn't be any better.  He's testing above levels amongst his peers, and it looks like he's going to tower over me...  

In Anthony's case, his situation was hereditary.  Unfortunately for others they are not, and there are many things that can affect the gestation period.  We will give you a list of what TO DO, and what NOT TO DO.  

***as always, we are here to help.  Never will we judge!  Life is hard, and although we will never accept an excuse when a child's well being is an issue, we will however encourage you and offer any and all resources available.


-We want the best for our children.                                                                                                   -All children deserve to be carried full term to ensure proper development.       

The thought of any child impaired in any way is heart breaking, and the realization that it could be prevented then it becomes unacceptable.  When a child is born premature, he starts out in this world at odds and essentially will be fighting for his/her life until they continue to grow externally to an acceptable and healthy weight.  It's a difficult time for all involved especially to the newborn- although they, of course, are unaware, the next month or two will determine the child's entire life.  As they continue to grow, and their lungs develop they slowly make it through the woods.  

***This of course is an ideal situation.  And for now, I cannot bring myself to research the other.  


***Many premature births can be prevented given proper education and responsible health-care.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -543,000+ children are born premature each year.                            -The cost? $47,000,000,000.     

Tax payers spend $47 billion dollars each year to correct this negligence. 

-The March Of Dimes has given The United States a school grade of a failing "D" on the care given to prevent Premature Births.

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Although Anthony has "caught up" and is maturing in the top 5% physically, and top 15% in motor skills according to premature specialists, being thankful is simply not enough.  

Our heart breaks for any child born at a disadvantage and we as a society owe it to the next generation to become the "best self."  

KathyRinaldiHope ® extends our wings to promote the devastation of premature births and is utilizing our sphere of influence with celebrities, agencies, and friends who can aid in awareness that can significantly decrease the premature birth rate in our country.

The above link will inform you of the national "D" grade our nation received in achieving 543,000 premature births each year.  The more we invest in our children, the less we must invest later on.  Simple math, really.  Yet, we do nothing.

Follow this link to see what you can do to help.